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This wedding ceremony is yours. You and I will work together to develop a ceremony that reflects your values and desires.   My role in this process is to be your guide in its design and to bring together the words that reflect the very essence of the love that has drawn you together as a couple. 

 As a couple, you are making a public declaration of your Love and Intent into the world.  We will share our ideas and hopes for your wedding via e-mail, phone and in person should you wish.

The degree to which you choose to express faith or not is entirely up to you. It is my heartfelt feeling that you have been brought together in the light of Love and this is all that matters.  Your wedding ceremony is a reflection of your value and ideals, it is as unique as you are as a couple.

Ceremony Enhancements

 There are so many additional ceremony inclusions that can make your day even more special. I have listed a few for your consideration:

 Unity Candle, Rose Ceremony, Wine Ceremony, Remembrance, Joining Parents and Children, Lover’s Knot, Jumping the Broom, Water Blessing and Anointing, Hand fasting 

A Few Sweet Words Shared with Me

“ …you were flexible and took the time to learn about us…We’ll always remember the kind words you said and how comfortable you made us feel” C&G

“ Her words were beautiful and heartfelt by all” K.

“ It was a pleasure having you as an officiant you have such a calm and harmonious nature” E &B

“ Awesome…awesome…AWESOME lady” L.

Other Life Cycle Ceremonies

 The natural rhythm and harmony of life is so essential to the enhancement of our existence. Ceremonies can help us more deeply embrace the emotions of joy and sometimes challenging life transitions. When we take to “stop/drop/and go within” during these events we can truly experience life passages. The path before us will then be clearer and we can move forward from strength, love and fearlessness.

Baby Naming House Blessing Memorial Service First Menses

Menopause/Wyse Woman