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Healing Touch

Healing Touch is a collection of therapeutic energy based modalities that work with the human energy system. It creates an energetic place in which the body can heal itself. Healing Touch can restore harmony and balance to the human energy system.

All healing is self-healing. The client’s traditional and alternative health care team empowers the clients’ physical and energetic body to facilitate self healing. It is complementary with traditional therapies.

Healing Touch practitioners are heart centered and work with positive intent to support this self healing. The practitioner uses her hands in a light touch movement (on or near the body).  This modality can be used anywhere: chair, treatment table, hospital room.  It is administered with clothes on. An average session is about 60 minutes.

A Certified practitioner goes through a rigorous program of classroom training, reading, case work, practicum, modality referral experiences and a final review of this work done by instructors and a Peer Review Board.  Practitioners can be found worldwide.

Research has shown a benefit to those who experience Healing Touch on a variety of issues such as:  creates a sense of well-being, reduces stress, provides support during chemotherapy, support of the dying process, strengthens the immune system, pain reductions, enhances recovery from surgery, reduces the effects of trauma/chronic pain, deepen spiritual connection.

 Healing Touch is currently accepted in many hospitals, hospice facilities,  integrative health centers, clinics and private practice. You can find more detailed information on www.HealingTouchProgram. com

I have been a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner since 2002 and a Meiki Master since 2001.  I would welcome the opportunity to take this healing journey with you.