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  Classes and Other Offerings

daisy.jpg Introduction to Aromatherapy 
chakra picture.jpg Introduction to the Human Energy Field
flower of life mandala with words.jpg Sacred Geometry: What is it? History, Science, Spirituality, Art 
Earth being hugged by the Divine Mother.jpg What is the Sacred Feminine and why is this aspect so important to the planet? 
oval opening to beautiful garden.jpg Creating meaningful Ceremony in Daily Life and Life Cycle Transitions 
medicine wheel art.jpg  Medicine Wheel: What is it? How is its use relative to me?
circle of women.jpg Monthly New Moon Women’s Circle: Meditation, Dialogue (No fee) 
sharing-bread-6607147.jpg  Interfaith Dialogue Pot Luck: Informal get together (No fee)

Contact:  Dr. Donna Fink, Reverend, D.D., HTCP, CNHP, Reiki Master

281-395-4209 or 518-946-7539