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About Me

Dr. Donna Carol Fink, Reverend, D.D., HTCP, CNHP, Reiki Master

professional picture.jpgA spiritual journey begins from the moment you breathe life on this planet. Mine was re-dedicated when I left corporate life after thirty two years in 2000. Today it is filled with the joy of creating and facilitating life cycle ceremonies, Healing Touch, various classes/retreats on Sacred Geometry, Exploring the Sacred Feminine, Gathering of Women in Circles, the Energy Field of our physical form, aromatherapy, writing and the integration of the Medicine Wheel concepts in our discovery of self. 

My doctorate is a Doctor of Divinity specializing in Spiritual Healing. Additionally, I am a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Certified Natural Health Practitioner and Reiki Master. I have extensive knowledge in the usage of aromatherapy and flower essences. I am currently working on my book regarding the importance of Ceremony for nine major women’s life cycle transition points. Additionally, I have started writing children’s stories. 

I am happily married with one son, three terrific grandchildren and five dogs. Creating new gardens in our woods, knitting, travel and continuous learning about the Earth and humanity are my passions in life. My heart and spirit is grounded in the granite based mountains of the Adirondacks.